Hobby-X Jo'burg

7 - 10 March 2019
Ticketpro Dome,
Northgate, Johannesburg

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Hobby-X Show Me How DVDs

Show Me How is South Africa's very own craft show, hugely popular not only with local viewers but also with viewers from neighbouring states.

You can now own a copy of your favourite 'SHOW ME HOW' episode as seen on Dstv's The Home Channel (channel 176)!

Just download the order form, select the DVD(s) that you want, fill in your contact details and send the form to us. We'll take it from there!

The first 10 DVDs are available now and more episodes will be listed as they become available.

Available DVDs:

Silver Clay

Project 1:
Ostrich Eggshell Bowl
Project 2:
Africa Inspired Spoon

Use PMC Silver Clay to embellish a magnificent d├ęcor Ostrich Egg and create contemporary spoons with an ethnic twist.


Project 1:
Grecian Portrait
Project 2:
Pewter Decorated Gift Box

Learn how to do high and low relief work and use patina to create an antique look for these beautiful pieces.

Encaustic Art

Project 1:
Landscape Art
Project 2:
Seascape Greeting Card

Use coloured bees wax and heated instruments to create colourful and versatile art and greeting cards.


Project 1:
Resin Pendant
Project 2:
Chunky Necklace

Create unique pendants using glitter, beads & resin in a casing. Attach your pendant to a chunky chain necklace that's all the rage.


Project 1:
Spring Blossom Coffee Tray
Project 2:
Whimsical Blackboard

Update an old tray with a fresh, floral mosaic design. Then, brighten up a child's play area with a fun 3D blackboard.

Fabric Print

Project 1:
Heart-shaped Lino Blocks
Project 2:
Printing on Canvas

Carve a floral design into a heart-shaped lino stamp, then use it to print a repeat pattern onto canvas, fabric, paper or board.

Egg Art

Project 1:
Classic Ostrich Egg Carriage
Project 2:
Quail Egg Necklace

Learn the techniques required to turn a plain Ostrich Egg into a fairytale carriage. Then, transform a tiny quail egg into delicate jewellery.

Textile Hardener

Project 1:
Polystyrene Disc Art
Project 2:
Masai Sculptures

Use textile hardening solution to create art from recycled bits. Then, use moulded figure heads & fabric for unique sculptures.

Decoupage & Silver Leaf

Project 1:
Decoupage on Canvas
Project 2:
Silver Leaf Tea Box

Transform holiday photos into stunning art on canvas. Add finesse to a wooden box with silver leaf and unique embellishments.

Paper Craft

Project 1:
Nautical Storage Box
Project 2:
Handmade Recipe Book

Use handmade paper & board to create a fun storage box. Create an organic and specially made recipe book from scratch.